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China Needs Your Technologies - Talk To Us

With the ever-increasing development of Chinese industries, the demand for the UK technologies is booming. Through our partner events and consultancy services, our aim is to help UK companies and research institutes with innovative technologies, products and services access the Chinese market. If you have an innovative technology or product that is close-to-market or already on the market in the UK, ICUK would like to hear from you.

Based at Queen Mary Innovation Limited, a Queen Mary University of London’s (QMUL) wholly-owned technology transfer company, ICUK is well position to offers valued-added services to help UK institutes and companies commercially exploit their technology in the Chinese market. ICUK’s strengths lie in:

  • Strong support from China’s central and local governments and direct access to high-level government contacts.
  • Experience in partnership building based on over 70 ICUK funded joint UK-China research and commercialisation projects.
  • A network of over 60 Chinese institutes and 100 Chinese companies that ICUK has worked with in the past.
  • Strategic collaborations with several public-funded technology transfer organisations in China. This helps to generate good-quality commercial leads.
  • A team of UK-based, bi-lingual consultants who have solid R&D and commercialisation experience. A Beijing-based ICUK Coordinator will also ensure smooth project execution in China.


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