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The Sino-EU GP TCM Workshop was held in Beijing on 11th ~ 13th of Jan 2009. The forum is co-organised by Chinese Ministry of Science and technology (MoST), Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS), Innovation China UK (ICUK), and EU FP7 project ? GP TCM Consortium (GP-TCM).

About 100 TCM experts attended the conference, including well known Chinese Academicians, such as Gang Pei, Shengli Yang, Peigen Xiao, Lianda Li, and Xiangmei Chen. More than 20 European scientists from 8 countries attended the meeting. Director Xiaomin Jin, Director of the Department of International Cooperation of MoST, and Mr Michael Pulch, Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to China, and Depei Liu, President of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Vice President of Chinese Academy of Engineering, attended the opening ceremony and addressed audiences. Dr Liqun Yang, Ms Yuning Liu and Mrs Manyi Cristofoli from ICUK participated the meeting. Prof Bruce Hendry, Prof Peter Hylands, Dr Qihe Xu, Dr Andrew Flower, Prof Kenneth Muir, and Dr Jin Xu from ICUK partner universities ? King?s College London, Southampton University and University of Nottingham attended the conference. Mrs Manyi Cristofoli presented the ICUK program to the participants.

During the meeting key difficulties, challenges and opportunities for TCM to enter the international market were discussed, e.g. TCM legislation, registration, efficacy, safety, QA/QC standard/ methodologies, and the trend of TCM development, etc. The increasing recognition, by the international communities, on the huge market potential of traditional medicine, such as the TCM, and the value of research into these medicines are fully appreciated by the delegates from both China and EU. The need for further strengthening China-EU cooperation in TCM was recognized and it was proposed that the institutions and experts in China and EU should establish long term, stable collaborations focusing on key areas where TCM has demonstrated unique curing advantages and to achieve mutual beneficial collaborations in relevant science and technologies. It was also proposed to establish a Sino-EU TCM cooperation agreement to further the establishment and progress of joint Sino-EU research partnerships in TCM.

To promote TCM modernisation and internalisation, MoST initiated the ?TCM international cooperation programme? in 2006 which are widely welcomed by EU and has attracted great interests in various governments agencies, research organisations and industries across Europe. MoST and EU Research Commission jointly held an event ?Sino-EU TCM Conference? at Rome in June 2007. EU Commission subsequently set up the ?Sino-EU cooperation in TCM modernisation? project under its FP7 scheme with over ?1 million funding.

This event will bring great benefit to further strengthen the international cooperation framework in TCM research and commercial exploration, and to enhance and broaden the cooperation between government, scientists in China and that in Europe, on TCM.


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