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ICUK holds successful Forum on Internet of Things

ICUK and Science Innovation Network (SIN) China, together with Shanghai Science & Technology Commissions and Wuxi Science & Technology Bureau, have jointly organised two technology partnering workshops on Internet of Things (IoT) on 5 - 9 December 2011 in Shanghai and Wuxi.

ICUK started event planning from September 2011 – partnering workshop flyers have been sent to many UK institutes and companies through a wide network including AURIL, TSB ESP KTN and UKTI. ICUK also widely disseminated event info within HEIs that has strong R&D profiles in this sector. ICUK received in total 31 application forms and selected 16 applications, with which we had detailed discussions with Shanghai and Wuxi governments for identifying local R&D, licensing and distribution partners.

Shanghai Technology Exchange Centre and Wuxi Science & Technology Bureau have undertaken local partnering separately in the two cities. ICUK staffs have also spent considerable effort in facilitating communication between technology owners and potential Chinese partners. Finally, we invited 12 projects to participate the partnering workshop.

All UK participants have expressed that the IoT mission has provided them important opportunities in understanding the Chinese market and interaction with the potential local partners - targeted partnering exercise is essential for technology-based companies when entering into a new market.

The participants also felt Shanghai workshop has been better organised than the Wuxi one with 1-2-1 discussion being assisted by a translator who also took notes on interested local companies.

Observing the partnering process, we felt this group of UK participants, being in the IT sector, generally possess more application-oriented technologies and have more overseas experience although not necessarily in China. Most of them are pushing hard with their China entry strategy and intend to follow up with the leads created during this mission. Several participants have also started planning the next trip to China.

ICUK is also talking to Shanghai Jiangding government regarding showcasing some UK IoT applications at national IoT conference this August (some US and Israeli companies are invited to the last year conference).

ICUK has several exciting events planned for 2012-13. Please check the ICUK website regularly for updates and application deadlines.


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