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Partnering Events

ICUK is leading on ‘UK/China Innovation and Knowledge Transfer’, a programme funded by the BIS Global Partnership Fund. The programme focuses on initiating joint innovation projects through accessing technology expertise in the UK and leveraging research capability, collaboration funding and cost effective services in China, developing partnerships between HEIs and industry and between the UK and China.

ICUK has been contracted to run 4 technology partnering events in China during 2011-2013. UK technology-based companies and institutes can access UK government funding to demonstrate your technology and services in China at sector-focused events in key Chinese regional cities. The distinct feature of ICUK technology partnering events is that we will identify at least 3 interested local companies for each UK project and facilitate communication even before you travel to China!

In 2010-11, two technology partnering events – a pharma/biomed event in Shanghai and an agri-tech event in Beijing were organised in conjunction with local Science and Technology Commissions in China. The events were very successful in raising the profile of UK technologies/companies in China, allowing them to identify new partnering opportunities and increase their understanding of the Chinese market. UK institutions also gained a greater understanding about China’s innovation policies, support structure and key decision makers. Microtest Matrices Ltd, a Spinout from Imperial College and Shanghai Upper Biotech Ltd. are now closing a licensing deal on a novel medical device for allergy tests; East Malling Research and the Beijing Plant Protection Station are discussing new plant varieties to be promoted in China; and Rothamsted Research is very keen to develop their training facilities in China.

Please click here to find out more about our previous events.

The sectors we will focus on for coming partnering events are likely to be waste water, advanced manufacturing, ICT and healthcare. Please check our News section for information on future events and when to apply.