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Information Communication Technology, Engineering and Space Technology

Proof-of-Concept Projects

  • Development of a prototype anthropomorphic robotic Hand
  • Development of prototype low-cost GPS receivers for high precision real-time applications
  • Development of a geostationary forest fire monitoring and characterizing system for China and the wider Asian region
  • A novel photocatalytic mop fan air cleaning system
  • EMC testing of mobile communications platforms
  • VISTA: Video analytics software for real-time human profiling
  • Development and commercialisation of reconfigurable workholding devices
  • A novel dew point air conditioning system
  • Quantative medical imaging: technology innovation and clinical applications
  • Development of high performance digital MEMs gyroscope
  • Optimising ride comfort for motor grader operators by modelling the cabin-seat-driver dynamicSystem
  • Energy efficient mobile networks by interference management
  • Development of Bayesian Network Templates and Probabilities for Enhanced Processing and Prosecution of Frequent Digital Crimes

Partnership Grants Projects

  • Quantitative medical imaging: Technology transfer, market research and regulation
  • Web Science: Breaking down the barriers to collaboration on the internet between China and the UK
  • Improved colour filter arrays for digital cameras
  • Enhanced GPS for indoor and urban environments
  • Feasibility study of novel partial discharge detection using Faraday effect of optic fibre
  • Broadband multilayer optics for extreme ultraviolet lithography
  • Exploration of a novel wheel legged robot with compliant metamorphic structure for lunar exploration
  • An innovative combined solar/wind compound paraboilc concentrator
  • Compact multiband antenna for mobile terminals
  • An image matcher for an FPGA-based embedded system for next generation Mars exploration

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