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Healthcare, Biosciences, Veterinary, Agricultural and Infectious Diseases

Proof-of-Concept Projects

  • Anti-HCV immune responses in chronically infected patients by HCV Antigen loaded microsomes
  • Development of software for monitoring blood flow to the brain
    Identification of genetic markers associated with fertility and longevity traits in dairy cows
  • UK-Chinese initiative for the development and evaluation of novel spidrex conduits for peripheral nerve repair
  • Identification of Genetic Markers Associated with Fertility and Longevity Traits in Dairy Cows

Partnership Grants Projects

  • Development of novel antibiotic compounds with potential in therapy, cosmetics and wound healing
  • Establishment of a technical platform for development of new biomarkers and therapeutics for cancer treatment in China
  • Optical biosensor for monitoring microbial loads in food and water
  • Time-resolved fluorescent imaging to measure micro-viscosisty in living cells
  • Development of commercial genetic markers for rice for nitrogen-use efficiency
  • Development of novel metal compounds for Alzheimer's disease therapy
  • Development of a blood based test screen for transmissible spongiform encephalopathies
  • Smart on-body wireless sensor networks for healthcare applications
  • Development of novel anti-microbial drug products based on pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interactions
  • On the use of brain-computer interfacing for rehabilition
  • Biotreatment of oestrogen - a model for the biodegration of pharmaceutical products and associated waste
  • Development of an expert system for optimised cell culture growth and protein production
  • Establishment of a novel immunological assay to distinguish patients with autoimmune hepatitis from those induced by hepatitis B virus infection



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