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Climate Change, Environment, Energy

Proof-of-Concept Projects

  • Overcoming the barriers of commercialising Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Technology with joint efforts between UK and China
  • High-efficiency carbon nanotube hetero-junction solar cells for energy generation
  • Anaerobic biological treatment process of waste metal working fluids
  • A novel dew point air conditioning system
  • Feasibility study of developing innovative Carbon Dioxide capture technologies
  • Novel early world warning and risk assessment system (NEWS) - a new generation software expert system for flood warning and risk analysis

Partnership Grants Projects

  • Portable biosensors based on Lab-on-a-Chip Technology for environmental pollution monitoring
  • E-learning courses covering environmental decision making and applications of GIS (Geographical information Systems)
  • Innovative combined solar/wind compound parabolic concentrator
  • Solar-thermochromic Composite Films of Ionic Liquids and Polymers for Smart Windows

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